about me


Hello and welcome to my site. Here is a little about who I am and what I do.

My background in the creative world has been primarily in music - a 'hobby' that paralleled a creative professional career.

I have been to university, taught art and social studies in a high school, worked in the ceramics industry, been a business consultant, lectured in Business Studies at a polytechnic and am now a full-time artist.

I have talented children immersed in either the performing or visual arts. In this latter category Jamie Fergus (Christchurch) is a Jade carver / sculptor / jeweller and Rachel Grimmer (Melbourne) is focused on Medieval art and culture. Samples of their work are shown in the two lower images to the right. You can see more of their works by referring to the 'Contacts' page and checking 'links'.

My hobbies have been varied - from four-wheel driving to a long-standing involvement with music. I am still an active musician and play many stringed instruments in the 'Folk', 'Bluegrass', 'Appalachian' and 'Celtic' genres.

In the creative work I do now, my philosophy is to create pieces that are pleasing to both me as the artist and to those who own them. To this end emphasis is placed on shape, form, colour and texture, with each item being designed to be unique. I like to challenge the viewers of my art thus many pieces are allegorical or symbolic and are often created in 'series'. Currently my 'series' list is:

  • Pacifica
  • Antiquity
  • Myths & Legends
  • Grail
  • Evolution
  • Primeval / Primordial
  • Cosmos
  • Shaky Isles (New Zealand)
  • Gaia
  • Avia

I primarily work in wood but am developing works in the media of clay, paintings, photographic art and personal adornment. These areas are challenging, but part of an on-going process of exploration and experimentation. These developments are also targeting a stronger emphasis on multi-media works.

A source of inspiration and enjoyment is undertaking joint and collaborative works with friends and colleagues - sculptor Neville Parker of Nelson, potter Renate von Petersdorff, painter / sculptor Kim Gabara, sculptor / designer Jason Tillman, all of Marlborough. See 'Links' to their websites in the 'Contacts' page.